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Are you interested in broadening your scope of care to better support survivors of violent crime? Learn about other service providers who have adopted the trauma recovery center model.

“[The Trauma Recovery Center] helps me provide my patients with a safety plan and get them medical follow-up. We can create a patient care plan so the entire community can step in and approach patients in a cohesive way.”
Aurora Helm PA-C, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner

“Patients need to get linked to the next level of care, that’s where the trauma recovery center relationship is so valuable to the patient and the hospital. We don’t want the patient to leave the hospital and fall out of care. These are people for whom care could fall by the wayside. Having someone from the trauma recovery center, who they trust, linking them to care and leading them through the next steps helps avoid readmission or a psychiatric crisis.”
Kathy Ballou, Nursing Director at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

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